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Reading, Writing, and Publishing with Ohio's Top 36 Publishers and Printers

1. Alpha Book Publisher

Alpha Book Publisher is a reputable publishing company known for producing a diverse range of high-quality books across various genres. With a commitment to literary excellence, they have carved a niche in the competitive publishing industry.

2. Oberlin College Press

Oberlin College Press has a strong focus on poetry and literary works. They actively support and promote emerging voices in the literary world.

3. Stone Soup Community Press, Inc.

Stone Soup Community Press, Inc. is dedicated to community engagement through literature. They actively involve local communities in the publishing process.

4. Children's Historical Publishing

Children's Historical Publishing focuses on historical literature for young readers. They provide educational and engaging content that brings history to life.

5. Blue & Gray Magazine

Blue & Gray Magazine is a publication that focuses on Civil War history. They contribute to the understanding and appreciation of this pivotal period in American history.

6. Word in the Family Ministries

Word in the Family Ministries is dedicated to providing resources for families. They focus on literature that promotes positive family dynamics and values.

7. New Vision publishers

New Vision Publishers is committed to promoting visionary and innovative works. They actively seek manuscripts that challenge conventional thinking.

8. Ashland Poetry Press

Ashland Poetry Press is dedicated to promoting poetry and literary works. They contribute to the cultural enrichment of the literary landscape.

9. The Publishing Group

The Publishing Group is a collaborative effort that brings together authors and professionals in the publishing industry. They work collectively to produce high-quality literature.

10. Felicia Pizzonia

Felicia Pizzonia is an author known for her contributions to inspirational literature. Her works aim to uplift and inspire readers.

11. Bookmasters

Bookmasters is a comprehensive publishing services provider. They offer a range of services, from editorial support to distribution, to help authors bring their works to market.

12. McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education is a global powerhouse in educational publishing. Their commitment to providing innovative and effective learning solutions has established them as a leader in the field.

13. Coventry House Publishing

Coventry House Publishing is recognized for its niche focus on non-fiction works. They excel in bringing well-researched and compelling true stories to readers.

14. Zip Publishing

Zip Publishing has a strong presence in regional publishing, particularly in Ohio. They contribute to the cultural tapestry by spotlighting local authors and stories.

15. Pen Of The Writer

Pen Of The Writer is a boutique publisher with a keen focus on personal narratives. They excel in helping authors craft and share their unique stories with the world.

16. The Ohio State University Press

The Ohio State University Press is a prestigious academic publisher. With a commitment to scholarly excellence, they contribute significantly to the dissemination of knowledge across various disciplines.

17. blue manatee press

Blue Manatee Press is dedicated to fostering a love for reading in children. Their vibrant and engaging children's books have made a positive impact on early literacy.

18. Online Cashback Shopper

Online Cashback Shopper combines e-commerce with publishing, offering a unique platform for readers to explore books while enjoying cashback benefits.

19. Cincinnati Book Publishing

Cincinnati Book Publishing is a regional publisher contributing to the cultural identity of Cincinnati. They showcase the talent and stories of local authors.

20. Franciscan Media previously St. Anthony Messenger Press

Franciscan Media, previously St. Anthony Messenger Press, has a rich history in Catholic publishing. They continue to be a leading voice in providing spiritual and inspirational content.

21. Mill Cliff Publishing

Mill Cliff Publishing is recognized for its commitment to environmental sustainability. They prioritize eco-friendly practices in book production and distribution.

22. Weaver Book Company

Weaver Book Company is a boutique publisher with a focus on thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction titles. They prioritize quality over quantity in their curated catalog.

23. Gray & Co Publishers

Gray & Co Publishers is known for its eclectic mix of titles, spanning fiction, non-fiction, and regional interest. They contribute to the diversity of voices in the literary world.

24. American Publishers, LLC

American Publishers, LLC is a multifaceted publishing company involved in various genres, showcasing the breadth and depth of American literary talent.

25. Harvey Whitney Books

Harvey Whitney Books is recognized for its commitment to publishing medical and healthcare titles. They play a vital role in disseminating knowledge in the healthcare field.

26. Adams Street Publishing Company

Adams Street Publishing Company is a regional publisher with a focus on lifestyle and community-oriented content. They connect with local audiences through their publications.

27. Union Gospel Press

Union Gospel Press has a rich history in Christian publishing, specializing in Sunday School curriculum and religious literature.

28. Cashmere Publications

Cashmere Publications is a boutique publisher with a focus on luxury and high-end publications. They curate a collection of visually stunning and intellectually enriching books.

29. Teachers' Publishing Group

Teachers' Publishing Group is dedicated to providing educational resources for teachers. Their focus on creating effective teaching materials sets them apart in the educational publishing sector.

30. LeRu Publishers

LeRu Publishers is a small press with a commitment to promoting diverse voices. They actively seek manuscripts that challenge traditional narratives and perspectives.

31. Carlisle Press

Carlisle Press is a regional publisher with a focus on Pennsylvania history and culture. They contribute to the preservation of local stories and traditions.

32. Editor at Columbus African American

Editor at Columbus African American is a platform that amplifies African-American voices and stories. Through their publications, they contribute to a more inclusive representation in the literary world.

33. Seed Publishing

Seed Publishing focuses on environmentally conscious and sustainable living. Their titles inspire readers to make positive changes for a greener future.

34. Ohio University Press

Ohio University Press is a respected academic publisher with a focus on scholarly works. They contribute to the intellectual discourse across various academic disciplines.

35. Hanusz Publishing LLC

Hanusz Publishing LLC is a dynamic publisher with a diverse catalog. They actively seek innovative and groundbreaking works that challenge conventional norms.

36. The University of Akron Press

The University of Akron Press is dedicated to publishing works of scholarly and creative merit. They play a crucial role in advancing academic research and artistic expression.

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