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23 Exceptional Printing Presses in Illinois

1. Alpha Book Publisher

Alpha Book Publisher is a renowned publishing company known for its diverse range of titles. They specialize in fiction, non-fiction, and educational books, catering to a wide readership.

2. Lit Fest

Lit Fest is an annual literary festival that celebrates the written word through readings, discussions, and workshops, fostering a love for literature.

3. Seminary Co-op Bookstores

Seminary Co-op Bookstores is a group of independent bookstores connected with the University of Chicago, providing academic and general-interest books.

4. Lushena Books

Lushena Books is dedicated to African and African diaspora literature, offering a platform for diverse voices and stories.

5. Ampry Publishing

Ampry Publishing focuses on literary fiction, poetry, and non-fiction works, often with a focus on cultural and philosophical themes.

6. Chicago Review Press

Chicago Review Press is known for its eclectic range of books, spanning various genres and subjects, with a commitment to quality and diversity.

7. Trend Publishing

Trend Publishing is a publisher of books and resources focused on industry trends, innovation, and business strategies, serving professionals and decision-makers.

8. GIA Publications, Inc.

GIA Publications, Inc. is a prominent publisher of liturgical and music resources, catering to the needs of churches, choirs, and musicians.

9. Curbside Books, Records, and Wine

Curbside Books, Records, and Wine is a unique bookstore that combines literature, music, and wine, providing a delightful and multifaceted experience for patrons.

10. The Book Table

The Book Table is an independent bookstore that offers a wide selection of books, providing a welcoming and diverse space for readers and book lovers.

11. Fire House Press

Fire House Press is dedicated to publishing works of fiction, often with a focus on adventure, mystery, and suspense.

12. Children's Plus Inc

Children's Plus Inc. is a book distributor that specializes in supplying libraries and schools with a wide selection of children's books, fostering a love of reading among young readers.

13. Prime Publishing LLC

Prime Publishing LLC is a digital publisher that produces a wide range of content, including craft, cooking, and lifestyle publications, engaging hobbyists and enthusiasts.

14. Maher Publications Inc

Maher Publications Inc is a publisher known for its magazines and periodicals, often focusing on niche markets and specialized interests.

15. High Tide Press Publisher -

High Tide Press Publisher focuses on fiction and non-fiction works that entertain and enlighten readers, often with themes related to coastal living.

16. Hartman Publishing Group Ltd - N'digo Studio

Hartman Publishing Group Ltd, through N'digo Studio, specializes in African-American literature and cultural publications, promoting diversity and awareness.

17. Carus Books

Carus Books is dedicated to publishing educational materials and resources, with a focus on science, mathematics, and critical thinking.

18. Pieces of Learning

Pieces of Learning is known for its educational materials, particularly those related to gifted and talented education, critical thinking, and creativity.

19. Arktoi Books

Arktoi Books is a small press that emphasizes works by lesbian authors, supporting diverse voices and stories within the LGBTQ+ community.

20. Unabridged Bookstore

Unabridged Bookstore is an independent bookstore known for its carefully curated selection of books, offering a personalized and unique shopping experience for readers.

21. Amika Press

Amika Press is a publisher that produces a wide range of literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, offering readers compelling and thought-provoking works.

22. Prickly Paradigm Press

Prickly Paradigm Press is a publisher known for its provocative and intellectually stimulating books, often addressing contemporary social and political issues.

23. Uncharted Books

Uncharted Books is an independent bookstore that values diversity and inclusivity, offering a wide range of books and a sense of community for book lovers.

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