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Book Adventures: Discover Kentucky's 25 Great Self-Publishing Houses and Printers.

Alpha Book Publisher is a dynamic publishing company dedicated to bringing a diverse range of literature to readers. With a focus on quality and innovation, they work with talented authors to produce books that captivate and inspire. From fiction to non-fiction, Alpha Book Publisher strives to offer a rich literary experience, fostering a love for reading among audiences.

Prosperity Ministries Publishing aligns its literary offerings with a commitment to spiritual growth and well-being. Specializing in content that nurtures the soul, the company contributes to the literary landscape by providing works that inspire and uplift readers on their spiritual journeys.

Lee Publications is a versatile publishing house that spans various genres, offering readers a diverse range of titles to explore. With a commitment to providing engaging and thought-provoking content, Lee Publications serves as a conduit for authors to share their unique perspectives and stories.

Readmore Bookstore is more than just a place to purchase books; it is a cultural institution that fosters a love for reading. With a rich collection of titles and a commitment to community engagement, Readmore Bookstore stands as a gathering place for book enthusiasts and a hub for literary exploration.

Books-A-Million is a well-established chain of bookstores that caters to diverse reading interests. With a vast selection of titles and a commitment to providing a welcoming environment for readers, Books-A-Million stands as a destination for book lovers seeking a broad range of literary choices.

International Book Project Inc is a beacon of literary outreach, dedicated to providing books to underserved communities globally. With a focus on education and access to literature, the organization contributes to the promotion of literacy and the joy of reading across borders.

King James Baptist Publishers focuses on publications that align with a commitment to faith and biblical principles. Specializing in works that resonate with Christian values, the publishing house contributes to the spiritual growth and enrichment of readers seeking content grounded in religious traditions.

Speilburg Literary Agency is a literary advocate, connecting authors with opportunities in the publishing industry. With a focus on author representation and support, the agency plays a crucial role in helping writers navigate the complexities of the literary landscape and achieve their publishing goals.

Clerisy Press is a versatile publishing entity that embraces a wide range of genres, providing readers with diverse and engaging content. With a commitment to quality literature and a keen eye for captivating stories, Clerisy Press stands as a reliable source for readers seeking literary exploration.

King's Publishers Inc. stands as a beacon in the world of Christian publishing, dedicated to disseminating literature that aligns with biblical principles and values. Specializing in faith-based works, the press offers a diverse range of books, including devotionals, theological treatises, and inspirational literature. With a commitment to promoting spiritual growth and understanding, King's Publishers Inc. plays a vital role in providing resources that cater to the needs of readers seeking Christian wisdom and guidance. The press's contributions contribute to the rich tapestry of Christian literature, fostering a deeper connection with faith and spirituality.

Publishers Press holds a prominent position as a full-service printing and publishing partner, catering to a wide array of industries. With a legacy spanning over 150 years, the press has established itself as a trusted provider of printing and distribution solutions. Specializing in the production of magazines, catalogs, and publications, Publishers Press combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality printed materials. As a comprehensive printing partner, the press collaborates with publishers to bring their visions to life. Publishers Press's dedication to innovation and excellence makes it a go-to resource for those seeking top-notch printing and publishing services.

Royce Publications is a versatile publishing company with a commitment to delivering diverse and engaging content. From educational materials to literary works, Royce Publications seeks to cater to a wide range of reader interests. With a focus on quality and relevance, they contribute to the literary landscape by offering enriching reading experiences.

Reformation Publishers, Inc. continues its legacy as a publisher dedicated to works that reflect reformation principles. Through thought-provoking literature, they aim to inspire positive change, intellectual growth, and a deeper understanding of faith. With a commitment to quality and relevance, Reformation Publishers, Inc. stands at the intersection of literature and transformative ideas.

The Poorfield Book Co. is a distinctive publishing company with a focus on promoting the works of local authors. Embracing a community-oriented approach, they contribute to the literary scene by fostering connections between writers and readers. The Poorfield Book Co. stands out for its commitment to supporting emerging voices and building a literary community.

Osote Publishing is a dynamic publishing house that embraces innovation and creativity. With a diverse range of titles, Osote Publishing aims to captivate readers across genres. Their commitment to quality, originality, and author collaboration sets them apart in the competitive world of publishing.

Mama and Me Books is a heartwarming publishing company that focuses on literature for children and families. With a mission to create memorable and meaningful reading experiences, they offer a range of titles that celebrate the joy of storytelling. Mama and Me Books contribute to the development of young minds by providing engaging narratives that foster a love for reading.

The Allen Johnson Group is a multifaceted publishing company dedicated to producing content that informs, inspires, and entertains. From educational materials to literary works, this publisher spans various genres to cater to diverse reader interests. With a commitment to quality and relevance, The Allen Johnson Group continues to contribute to the literary landscape with a versatile catalog.

Sweet, Sweet Sorghum is a unique publishing venture that explores the intersection of literature and cultural exploration. With a focus on stories that resonate with authenticity and regional identity, Sweet, Sweet Sorghum contributes to the preservation and celebration of diverse narratives. By showcasing the richness of cultural experiences, this publisher aims to engage readers and promote a deeper understanding of the world.

Otherworld Publications, LLC, is a dynamic publishing company that ventures into the realms of speculative fiction and beyond. With a commitment to exploring otherworldly narratives, this publisher offers readers a gateway to imaginative storytelling. Their catalog features works that transport readers to fantastical worlds, making them a go-to destination for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative genres.

Paducah Books is a community-centric publishing company that celebrates the literary talent of its region. By promoting local authors and providing a platform for their works, Paducah Books contributes to the cultural richness of its community. Through a diverse catalog, this publisher aims to showcase the unique voices and stories that emerge from the Paducah literary scene.

Pioneer Publishing is a publishing house with a focus on historical and regional works. Specializing in titles that delve into the past, Pioneer Publishing offers readers an opportunity to explore the rich history of specific regions and communities. With a commitment to preserving and sharing stories from the past, they contribute to a deeper understanding of cultural heritage.

Backintyme Publishing is a historical publishing company dedicated to uncovering and sharing narratives that often remain untold. With a focus on historical accuracy and authenticity, this publisher delves into topics that contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the past. Backintyme Publishing plays a crucial role in amplifying voices and stories that might otherwise be overlooked.

Linda J. Hawkins is an author-centric publishing venture that supports the creative endeavors of this particular author. By providing a platform for Linda J. Hawkins to share her unique perspectives and stories, this publishing outlet reflects a commitment to empowering individual voices. Through collaboration and author-focused initiatives, Linda J. Hawkins contributes to the diversity of narratives available to readers.

Wind Publications is a literary press known for its dedication to poetry, fiction, and non-fiction that captures the essence of the human experience. With a focus on works that resonate emotionally and intellectually, Wind Publications fosters a connection between authors and readers. Their commitment to the literary arts and the power of storytelling sets them apart in the realm of independent publishing.

SE Kentucky Publishing is a regional publishing company that spotlights the unique voices and stories of Southeast Kentucky. By focusing on regional authors and topics, this publisher contributes to the preservation of local culture and heritage. SE Kentucky Publishing serves as a literary hub for the community, offering readers a chance to explore the narratives that define this distinctive region.

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